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Speakers & Poster presenters guidelines

We appreciate the contribution you are making to the Sensitive Career & Workplace Design Conference in presenting your content content. As a chair or speaker or poster presenters there are several responsibilities which are yours to coordinate. If you are unable to make any of the deadlines or need assistance regarding your contribution as speaker or poster presenters please contact Maria Fabiani

  1. Confirm your participation and register to the conference. Please confirm your participation in the conference by September 5, 2023 registering for the conference. All chairs and speakers must register for the conference and are expected to attend the conference in presence. Flights and accommodation are not paid for by the conference organisers.
  2. Recording. All conference sessions, excluding poster sessions, will be recorded by the CMRC office and be posted onto the CMRC social media channel for viewing
  3. Presentation slides/PowerPoint/Poster. All speakers should prepare their lecture/discussion on Powerpoint. Send your presentation and/or poster by by email to by September 27, 2023. For poster submission, please read poster presenters guidelines.
  4. Timekeeping. Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the session starts to check everything is OK in the room. Ensure to keep to time with your presentation (max 20 minutes) and, as chairperson, ensure that speakers keep to time.
  5. Audience Feedback. Please use microphones for feedback from delegates where possible. Encourage participants to introduce themselves before speaking. Try to leave sufficient time for questions and answers.

Speaker or Poster presenter no-shows

  • Inclusion of your abstract in the conference programme obliges you or one of your co-authors to present your contribution at the time and in the manner indicated. If you already know that you cannot attend the conference in presence, you are asked to withdraw your abstract as soon as possible. Not only are unpresented speakers and posters frustrating for those people present, but they are also costly as the board space is reserved for your presentation/poster.
  • At the conference, missing presentations are categorized as no-shows if the abstract has not been withdrawn by the time of the presentation as given in the programme. Such no-shows will be noted, and conveners will be informed. Abstracts and their PDF files will be removed from the conference website and a message ‘withdrawn after no-show’ is added to the presentation slot in the online programme.

Supplementary materials

  • All authors are encouraged to send supplementary materials to accompany their abstracts. These can be sent by email to from September 1, 2023 and will be made available to registered conference attendees from September 15 to October 30. Modifications are possible throughout this period.
  • Supplementary materials can be in *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, *.jpg, or *.mp4 format.

Poster presenters guidelines

Poster presentations are organized in poster sessions. Each session is scheduled on a specific day at a specific time (time blocks). Therefore, each session has a display time (the actual date of display) as well as an authors in attendance time (the actual time of presentation).

Time blocksAuthors in attendance
TB1 5th October11:00 – 12:30
TB2 5th October12:30–13:30
TB3 6th October10:30–11:30
TB4 6th October11:30–13:00

The authors in attendance time is the time when the respective authors of a poster session must be present at their display for presentation. The authors in attendance time of each poster session is given in the programme.

Prepare your poster using the poster template. You can download the poster template clicking on the button below.


Show your work!

Show your work, and when the right people show up, pay close attention to them, because they’ll have a lot to show you. (Austin Kleon)